You just might be a Pirate if...

1) You don't understand why someone would be interested in a woman with 'junk in her trunk'...dubloons are much better!

2) You like your parrots talkative, your women busty and your rum strong...but not in that order.

3) Your idea of a booty call does not involve sex.

4) You didn't understand why everyone thought the Seinfeld 'Puffy Shirt' episode was so funny.

5) You like to stand around with one foot up.

6) You have been fired from at least one job for referring to a female co-worker as a saucy wench.

7) You agree that there is nothing better than a jolly roger...especially when you have someone to enjoy it with.

8) You think the phrase 'Blow me down' has lost it's meaning over time.

9) You don't like having to explain that a poop deck is not a bathroom.

10)You yell out 'Yo Ho Ho' when you see a 'Lady of the Evening' (in case she didn't hear you the first time).

11)You can't think of anything more beautiful than the phrase 'Thar She Blows'.

12)You take offense at the term 'butt pirate' (...but hey, it does get pretty lonely out at sea).

13)You adhere to the pirate code...what happens on a pirate ship stays on a pirate ship.

14)You favorite type of socks are arrrrgyle.